Court victories have compelled APS to turn over its Membership list and have allowed us to inspect its financial records at the APS office, despite its year old trespass order. APS has been assessed attorney fees for its refusal to obey Court orders. APS has now lost its contract with the County and has made arrogant demands for MORE money despite its pledge to cooperate in a transition to county management. The Court has rejected the slander claims of APS although Laura Walters and a few of the Directors are going forward. These claims indicate that APS and its attorney do not understand the First Amendment guarantees of Freedom of Speech. APS is going ahead with its construction of an "adoption center". It remains to be seen if APS can survive and what its mission may be.



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--------------------- QUOTE WITHOUT COMMENT -------------------

---- Chapel Hill Herald July 12
"Shelter oversight should be considerd. Where's the PUBLIC in all this.

---- Jean Bolduc: Columnist - Chapel Hill Herald
"There's only one thing Walters should say (or write) to those who have criticized the agency and sought public accountability for its work, its budget and its plans for the future: "I'm sorry."
"When officials of a publicly funded agency are pointing the finger at critics as the cause of trouble instead of defending their programs and administration on facts and merit, something is very wrong."

---- Pat Sanford: Former APS Executive Director
"Shame on APS; Grieve for the Animals
'No-kill' animal policy often means slow kill "

---- Virginia Ellington: Former long-time APS Director and Secretary
"If the leadership of the APS is truly concerned that the APS will lose its contract with the county to operate the Animal Shelter, I make the following suggestions.
* The board should call a special meeting and restore the voting rights of the membership.
* The board should terminate the employment of Executive Director Laura Walters.
* The present Executive Committee of the board consisting of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and member Ann Petersen should resign.

---- John Link: County Manager
Rosie, you might be ready to take over the shelter."

---- Elliot Cramer President PAWS:
"Beyle says that APS officials 'are listening to constructive criticism and are prepared to make changes.' Unfortunately, the failure to listen is the source of their problems."


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